Dean’s Natural Market experience

So I stopped by Dean’s Natural Food Market just because I love the idea of being all natural and eating healthy. So I was just sort of wandering around looking at everything and everything they have is fresh, all-natural and organic. They also have a lot of vegetarian and vegan products and food. 

The first isle I came to the nut section and they have just about every nut imaginable. They have one of those machines to make your own nut butter with peanuts and almonds. I like creamy peanut butter so I skipped over that. Then I saw some roasted salted sunflower seeds and I love sunflower seeds so I grabbed a container and wandered off to the next isle. 

The next isle I wandered into was the pasta isle. I loooove pasta. Every kind of pasta. They had a really nice selection of pastas and sauces to choose from. My favorite brand is Annie’s. It has a cute bunny on the front and comes in several varieties such as shells with white cheddar and peace sign shaped pasta in parmesan cheese. Yum. So of coarse I picked up a box of Annie’s elbow pasta in mild cheddar cheese. 

After the pasta isle I wandered into the beauty isle. I saw some brands that I never heard of like Andalou Naturals. I’m intrigued by their beautiful labels so I’ve decided to do some research before purchasing anything. I also saw some familiar brands such as Kiss My Face and Tom’s of Maine. I saw a nice deoderant from Tom’s that was lemongrass scented. I love anything citrusy or that has lemongrass in it. It smelled divine but I still have a new double pack of my current deoderant so I’ll have to use that up first. 

I skipped over the vitamin isle as I’m to lazy to be bothered with taking vitamins. 

Next I strolled into the snack section that had crackers, popcorn, theses weird flat kale chip and a bunch of ither rhings ive never seen. Again a nice selection including Late July, Annie’s (same brand as the pasta) and natural alternatives to Triscuts, Wheat Thins and Saltines. They also had Popchips and Veggie Stix. I love the Veggies Stix, I tried them a few years ago and fell in love and have been eating similar brands since. Veggie Stix are by far the best though. I decided to pick up a bag of Veggie Stix and box of Annie’s chocolate whole wheat bunny grahams. 

I skipped by the meat and cheese section as I was interested in the prepared foods they had. They had soup, chicken dinners, and smoothies by the brand Naked which are amazing. They also make fresh smoothies at the smoothie bar. Who doesn’t want a freshly prepared smoothie with fresh fruit?! I picked up a Naked smoothie in Mango Madness along with everything else and went on my way to the register. 

My cashier was a little dull but that’s okay, I went back a few days later to try a fresh made smoothie and my cashier was so sweet and friendly. I also bumped into a girl I used to work with at the smoothie bar so we caught up while she made my smoothie. She really loves working there and gets a generous discount so I’m glad to know that the people who work there work for a good company. 

Well that’s all for today, talk to you next time! 


***All options are my own.***

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