New! Meow Meow Tweet Lavender Hemp Conditioner Bar

Get ready for an eco-friendly conditioner from Meow Meow Tweet!

Take a look below!

Meow Meow Tweet Lavender Hemp Conditioner Bar – $16 for 2.5oz in paper box

From Meow Meow Tweet:

A plastic free solid conditioner that detangles and softens hair.

You don’t need a plastic bottle to detangle and moisturize your hair. Omega rich hemp seed oil and stimulating lavender create a perfectly nourishing combo for both scalp and hair. Without a bottle, it’s got a lesser waste footprint than your standard conditioner.


Rub bar directly on water-soaked hair. Massage product through hair to the ends. Rinse after a few minutes. Repeat if needed. Take care to avoid eyes. If contact occurs, rinse with water.


Heat warning: this product softens at body temperature, so it may melt during transit. It’s still good to use, even if it’s misshapen!

Store out of water stream in a dry soap dish.

If it seems like the product isn’t rubbing off on your hair, make sure that your hair is really wet.   A light film is created and some hair types require a double application. It can take some getting used to!

Will you be trying this new conditioner from Meow Meow Tweet? Let me know in the comments.

***Photo courtesy of Meow Meow Tweet.

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