Review: Innersense Sweet Spirit Leave In

So today I will be reviewing Innersense’s Sweet Spirit Leave In. First off, let me give you some info about the Leave In itself.

This light weight detangling spray detangles and adds moisture to keep hair healthy and prep hair for styling. Made to be used in conjunction with your choice of Hairbath and daily conditioner.

On with the review!

Let me just say, I love this leave in! My hair health has improved a lot since I started using Innersense and I think this product has been the most helpful to my hair. My hair is long, thin and fine and tangles SUPER easy. This leave in has helped lessen my tangles and has brought back my natural waves that I haven’t seen in years. (But that might also be from the Hairbath and conditioner too.) I love how it’s moisturizing and detangling but not greasy so it doesn’t weigh down my fine hair. The leave in has a light lavender scent that fades after a while.

I have to say it did take me a while to figure out which routine worked best for me. How I use this leave in is I use it on my damp hair after washing and towel drying. I use about 7 sprays directly onto my hair, then work thru my hair with my fingers and then my bamboo wide tooth comb. I either air dry or followup with I Create Lift volumizing foam. In the morning my hair is soft, wavy, detangled and shiny.

This will definitely be a permanent staple in my hair care routine.

 Hope you all enjoyed this review, talk to you next time!

-Meli | Green Beauty & Bacon

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