New! Osmia Purely Gentle Mud Cleanser

Osmia’s new cleanser deep cleans and leaves skin soft and plump. With oceanic clay and organic aloe, chamomile and honey, this nourishing and mildly foaming cleanser is great for all skin types. Plus it has an earthy aroma to soothe your senses.

Take a look below!

Osmia Purely Gentle Mud Cleanser – $64 for 1.7oz

From Osmia:

Who knew putting mud on your face could feel so extraordinary? Our Purely Gentle Mud Cleanser combines the deep cleansing power of glacial oceanic clay with organic aloe, chamomile, and honey to leave your skin clean, soft, and deliciously plump. With a creamy, mildly foamy texture and the earthy, mingled aromas of sandalwood, geranium, and three kinds of clay, this nourishing cleanser brings natural luxury to a new level.

Note: One bottle contains approximately 240 pumps of Mud Cleanser. When empty, unscrew the metal cap and remove the inner bag to recycle the exterior glass container.

Will you be trying this new cleanser from Osmia? Let me know in the comments.

***Photo courtesy of Osmia.

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