New! Laurel Hydrating Elixir C Jasmine Hibiscus

Laurel has a new limited edition elixir. This powerful combination of whole plants results in optimal hydration, firming, brightening and evening skin tone while strengthening and supporting the skin’s connective tissue.

Take a look below!

Laurel Hydrating Elixir C Jasmine Hibiscus

From Laurel:

This potent Elixir showcases Laurel’s proud discovery of the rarest organic artisan distilled Jasmine hydrosol in the world, created with a unique hydro-distillation technique that preserves even the most delicate water-soluble constituents of the flower. This Elixir began as a tribute to this rare ingredient that is considered impossible in the industry today. Any Jasmine hydrosols on the market today are typically waters combined with Jasmine absolute – not an actual distillation of the flower.

True Jasmine hydrosol is considered impossible to make due to the delicate nature of jasmine flowers, whose fragrance and phytoconstituents become damaged during the hydrosol steam distillation process. Laurel stumbled upon an artisan distiller who has dedicated decades of his life to making a true organic hydrosol of this flower possible through a distillation technique that he created, including inventing his own patented hydro-distiller. The delicate jasmine flowers must be harvested the same day they are infused, making this jasmine hydrosol costly; more than 6 times the cost of even the highest quality Bulgarian rose distillation. Laurel fell in love with this jasmine hydrosol and the ‘slow beauty’ approach to its creation and knew she needed to use it to create something equally as intentional and beautiful.

In addition to the restorative powers of Jasmine, Laurel’s Hydrating Elixir C also contains three variations of house-made Hibiscus macerations using fresh hibiscus fruits to ensure maximum vitamin C presence and potency. Hibiscus is incredibly high in Vitamin C, but only when sourced fresh and then concentrated, making it quite a challenge for any skilled herbalist to capture. The hibiscus is freshly harvested and sent directly to the Laurel Lab for hand processing, all within the same day, and then macerated for several months. To ensure maximum vitamin C delivery, efficacy, and potency, we combine the Hibiscus extracts with Camu Camu, Acerola, Sea Buckthorn, and Rosehip – all plants known for their exorbitant concentration of vitamin C, alongside bioflavonoids and carotenoids. Combining such powerful whole plant vitamin C sources is a vastly different approach than isolated ascorbic acid because the accompanying flavonoids play a vital role in keeping the vitamin C active, fresh, stable and viable for cellular use.  Flavonoids also are capable of metabolizing oxidized vitamin C, which is important after it lends its electron.  And lastly, flavonoids offer molecular ‘sparing’, which means they allow a cell to utilize less vitamin C than if it had access to ascorbic acid alone.

More collagen strengtheners and brighteners in this formula are Astragalus, Turmeric, Gotu Kola and Frankincense.

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