Review: Cocokind Oil to Milk Cleanser

So today I will be reviewing Cocokind’s Oil to Milk Cleanser. First off, let me give you some info about the cleanser itself.

This probiotic cleanser is made with fermented oats to help preserve your skins microbiome. It cleanses without stripping skin, keeping it healthy. And the recyclable tube it comes in is made from sugarcane materials! So cool!

On with the review!

I wasn’t too sure about it at first because I don’t love oil cleansers, but it was on sale so I gave it a shot anyway. I’m glad I did! My skin has been loving this cleanser. I would describe the texture as more of a balm than an oil. It’s super cool to use too as it “magically” transforms into a milky wash. I’m not too fond of the scent (geranium) but otherwise I love it. This is a great alternative to oil cleansing if you don’t like oil cleansers (like me!) as it is not super oily and is great for all skin types including sensitive and acne prone. It also rinses clean without any oily residue.

The way I use the cleanser is I massage the cleanser between my damp hands and apply to my wet face and gently massage in circular motions. I rinse off with a wet wash cloth and my skin feels cleansed and soft, not stripped at all which is great for my rosacea and sensitive skin.

It’s a decent sized tube of cleanser (2.9oz) for $18 and you only need about a chickpea sized amount. It’s also great for travel!

You can pick up your own tube at, Whole Foods or at

Hope you all enjoyed this review, talk to you next time!

-Melissa | Green Beauty & Bacon

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