New! Kosas The Big Clean Mascara

Kosas’s new The Big Clean Mascara – instant big, fluffy lashes and powered by hair care actives that help support stronger, healthier lashes. It’s next level clean, care, and volume.

Take a look below!

Kosas The Big Clean Mascara – $26

From Kosas:

Volumizing + Lash Care.

Jumbo-wow-k-we-see-you lashes: Natural body-building ingredients and pure pigments deliver big time on big lashes. The oversized rainbow-shaped brush with flexible-yet-firm spiraled bristles ensures every lash is volumized, lengthened, and curled.

Nourishes all your lash hairs – from big to itty bitty: Every coat supports stronger, healthier lashes over time. The clean, active hair care ingredients help nourish and protect – so all lash hairs reach their full growth potential. Go team.

Less ingredients, bigger impact: Pure formula distilled down to only what’s needed to keep the formula lightweight and full of goodness: Beeswax for body, a high concentration of lash care actives, and max pigment for major effect.

Available at, Credo, Revolve & The Detox Market.

Will you be trying out this mascara from Kosas? Let me know in the comments.

***Photo courtesy of Kosas.

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