Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is probably the best multi purpose oil out there, BUT not if you have oily skin. Coconut oil is comedogenic, meaning it clogs pores. So please keep that in mind if you have oily or acne prone skin. Coconut oil will only make your skin and acne worse. 

Read all of the amazing uses for coconut oil below!

Hair, Skin & Body uses:

Age or Sun Spots: apply daily to spots to help them fade.

Arthritis Pain: thoroughly massage coconut oil into each affected joint 1 to 2 times daily.

Athletes Foot: the anti-fungal properties of coconut oil help fight athletes foot when applied daily.

Bath Oil: swish and melt in bath water.

Conditioner: coconut oil penetrates and smooths the cuticles of the hair shaft leaving hair soft and shiny! Work into hair after shampooing, let sit a few minutes them rinse.

Cracked Heels: use a pumice stone first to remove dead skin cells then slather on some coconut oil. Repeat twice a day.

Dry Elbows: apply coconut oil morning and night to help keep them soft and smooth.

Exfoliating Body Scrub: use a half cup of coconut oil mixed with 2 to 4 tablespoons brown sugar. Place into a mold and pop in the fidge to firm it up. Slice off a small piece and scrub away! Use once a week to avoid over drying skin.

Eyelash Enhancement: apply a little bit of coconut oil to your eyelashes nightly to help encourage growth and seal in moisture, preventing brittleness and breakage.

Frizz Fighter: dab small amount on hands, rub together and smooth through hair.

Fungal Infections: apply daily to area until fungal infection is gone.

Hair Treatment: saturate hair from root to tip them massage into scalp. Leave on for a half hour or overnight (don’t forget to protect your pillow). Shampoo and condition as usual and be amazed by how soft and shiney your hair is. Also stimulates hair grown. Do this once a week.

Hangnails: sooth and prevent them by rubbing coconut oil around the edges of your nails.

Homemade Deodorant: search the Internet to find a recipe you like.

Homemade Lotion/Moisturizer: apply all over body to moisturize.

Homemade Soap: search the Internet to find a recipe you like.

Insect Repellant: slather all over to keep bugs at bay.

Lip Balm: super moisturizing and smells like a vacation to the tropics.

Makeup Remover: scoop some up in your and a rub over makeup in circular motions then rinse and pat dry.

Massage Oil: massage your skin with this tropical oil!

Moisturizer: coconut oil actually penetrates your skin to moisturize without constantly having to reapply. Use day and night.

Nail/Cuticle Treatment: massage into clean, dry nail and cutiles.

Nipple Cream: soothe chapped or cracked nipples. Apply a couple times per day after breastfeeding.

Poison Ivy: helps soothe itch. Apply to effected area.

Shaving Cream: apply as you would any other shaving aid.

Soothe Fly Bites: apply directly to bite.

Split Ends: help prevent them by applying a small amount of coconut oil to ends everyday.

Stretch Marks: some evidence suggest that keeping skin moisturized and supple can help prevent stretch marks. Rub some coconut oil onto the area twice daily and massage it in well.

Tattoo Healer & Moisturizer: helps sooth the itch you get as it is healing and keep it moisturizes but not suffocated.

Under Eye Bags: at night, rub a little coconut oil under your eyes to reduce puffiness and dark circles by morning.

Varicose Veins: helps with their appearance when applied daily.

Wound Care: coconut oil is natural antibacterial and antifungal so it is perfect for caring for cuts, scrapes and minor burns.

Uses in Foods & Beverages:

Coffee Creamer: replaces regular creamers that are high in sugar.

Oil/Butter Replacement: substitute high fat oil and butter for coconut in just about anything. For baking, try 1:1 ratio or 80% coconut oil 20% water when substituting for butter. For basic cakes, cookies, and brownies, 1:1 should be sufficient. When it comes to more complex pastries that get their flaky puffiness when steam is escaping, you may find yourself tweaking the amount a little. For oil substituting, subbing 1:1 is just fine.

Stir Frying: replace regular oil with coconut oil to cut down on “bad” fat.

Uses in the Body:

Alzheimer’s: to help reduce the risk or effect take 2 tablespoons with food to improve cognitive function.

Cold Sores: caused by the herpes simplex virus. Coconut oil inhibits its assembly and how it spreads. Apply directly to sore several times per day until it is gone.

Energy Booster: eat some coconut oil to boost energy, or make DIY energy bar.

Lower Cholesterol & Risk of Heart Disease: Cholesterol is a waxy substance found your cells, attached to proteins known as lipoproteins. There are low-density lipoproteins (LDL) and high-density lipoproteins (HDL.) HDL is the “good” cholesterol. You want to lower LDL, but raise HDL. LDL carries cholesterol throughout your body and delivers it to organs and tissues. The problem is, if you have too much cholesterol, the excess keeps circulating. The constantly circulating LDL will eventually penetrate blood vessel walls where they build up plaques and narrow blood vessels, sometimes to the point blocking blood flow, causing coronary artery disease. HDL, on the other hand, picks up excess cholesterol and brings it to your liver to be broken down. Coconut oil, probably due to its high levels of lauric acid, will boost HDL. There’s no solid evidence saying that coconut oil alone will prevent heart disease, but there is solid evidence that it boosts HDL, therefore lowering cholesterol, and hypothetically reducing the risk of heart disease. Take 1/2 to 1 tablespoon daily.

Oil Pulling: a natural way to whiten teeth and improve oral health. Swish 2 teaspoons of coconut oil in the mouth for 20 minutes.

Weight Loss & Increased Metabolism: take 1 to 2 tablespoon when you have a craving for something sugary.

Uses for Pets:

Cracked Paw Pads: apply to pads to relieve and soothe crack paws.

Itchy Dogs: dogs can get Atopic Dermatitis a long‑term skin disorder that involves scaly and itchy rashes. To treat start with 1/2 a tablespoon and work your way upto a tablespoon for 40+ pound dogs and 1-2 tablespoons for dogs that weigh less.

Soothe Fly Bites: apply directly to bite(s).

Uses for Babies/Children:

Cradle Cap: massage into scalp and rinse with warm water. Gently pat dry.

Diaper Cream: apply to chapped or irritated areas on your little ones bum. Use only a much as needed, don’t over use.

Misc. Uses:

Leather Polish: brush any excess dirt or dust off leather and apply a small amount of coconut oil, rubbing it in in a circular motion. No need to use a lot!

Metal Polish: make sure the surface is clean and free of dust. Using a soft cloth, rub coconut oil over metal and let sit for a minute. Then buff to a shine.

Wood Polish: coconut oil sinks into the wood and keeps it looking “healthy” longer.

Which Coconut Oil to Use?

For external use: expeller pressed or other types of refined coconut oil.

For internal use: an unrefined virgin coconut oil is best.