New! Juice Beauty Prebiotix Moisturizer & Beauty Boost

Juice Beauty recently launched a prebiotic line of skin care with a moisturizer for external benefit and a booster supplement for internal benefits. Both are packed with organic ingredients and antioxidants.

Take a look below!

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New! Annie’s 30th Anniversary Organic Birthday Cake Bunny Grahams

Annie’s 30th Anniversary just came up, and as a treat to their customers they make Birthday Cake bunny grahams. Cute little bunnies with sprinkles bakes right in!

Take a look below!

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Welcome to my new blog!

Hello all!

If you remember a few years back I started blogging and then switched my lifestyle to clean & green and so my blog followed suit.

Then one terrible day, my blog (on got destroyed when they updated they’re photo storage system and poof! everything I had vanished.

So I had to start from scratch. I was able to find some photos on my hard drive but not many. So I cut my losses and moved my blog to WordPress.

Im loving WordPress but am sad about the loss of about 100 blog posts that I can’t get back, but I’m moving forward and staying positive (and backing up my photos!).

P. S. Happy New Years everyone!